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Best Halal Restaurants London

Best Halal Restaurants London



Dishoom is more than a restaurant—it’s a cultural voyage to Bombay’s nostalgic past, with outlets around London. The term “Dishoom” recalls Bollywood movies’ humorous onomatopoeic sound effects for punches and kicks.

Dishoom has a charming mix of old and new. Based on Bombay’s Irani cafés, the design incorporates old pictures, rustic wooden furnishings, and detailed tile work to create a warm, inviting ambiance that evokes the city’s bustling streets.

The highlight at Dishoom is the cuisine. The restaurant’s menu showcases Bombay’s variety and savory street food with a mix of classic and modern cuisine. Dishoom prides itself on offering a large Halal-certified menu, making it an attractive London Halal eating option.

Chicken Ruby is a Dishoom Halal favorite. Every bite of this classic dish’s delicate chicken marinated in silky tomato and butter sauce is a taste explosion. The meal is comfort food, and its Halal preparation allows everyone to enjoy it.

Dishoom’s Vegetable Biryani is ideal for lighter, yet hearty meals. Perfectly cooked basmati rice, fragrant spices, and fresh veggies make a filling, healthy dinner. The Halal touch on this classic shows Dishoom’s dedication to diversity.

No Dishoom visit is complete without trying their delicious bread, especially the Naan Roll with Bacon. The restaurant provides chicken or turkey bacon as a Halal alternative to bacon, so even people with dietary limitations may enjoy this delicious meal. Your filling is filled inside warm, flaky naan bread and served with chutneys and pickles to enhance the tastes.

Dishoom is known for its savoury dishes, but its sweets are as delicious. The famed Chocolate Fondant, with its gooey core and silky chocolate sauce, is a delightful ending. The deliciousness of this dessert is available to everyone thanks to Halal ingredients.

Beyond its delicious food, Dishoom’s pleasant and inclusive dining experience is notable. The restaurant’s staff is friendly and willing to tell the history behind the meals, making every visit special. Dishoom’s broad clientele shows its worldwide appeal, drawing customers of many backgrounds to enjoy its delicious food and atmosphere.



Halal food is a highlight of Tayyabs. Muslim Londoners and visitors may struggle to locate good halal eateries. However, Tayyabs fills this gap with a cuisine that fulfills halal regulations and beyond them, appealing to foodies of all backgrounds.

The restaurant’s menu explores Pakistan’s unique and tasty cuisine. Tayyabs serves delicious kebabs and aromatic biryanis for every taste. Lamb Chops are a customer favorite. Tender, delicious chops marinated in a special spice combination and grilled to perfection leave guests craving more.

Seekh Kebab is another must-try. These perfectly seasoned minced lamb kebabs are skewered and cooked till juicy and flavorful. This appetizer, along with naan bread and chutney, sets the tone for a great meal.

Tayyabs is known for its delicious curries. Karahi Chicken, fried in a wok, is spicy and fragrant. Slow simmering blends the spices with the chicken, creating a rich, aromatic meal that’s irresistible. Daal Tarka, a rich, creamy lentil dish, is a vegetarian delicacy.

Beyond the delicious food, Tayyabs’ pleasant atmosphere is what makes it special. The restaurant’s vibrant design and traditional Pakistani artwork create a warm ambiance. Tayyabs is the perfect place to celebrate a special meal with family, friends, or a date.

Tayyabs workers also improve eating experiences. Famous for their polite and attentive service, they can help you through the menu, provide recommendations, and assure a delicious dinner. Tayyabs’ dedication to customer satisfaction has won it a devoted following.

Another draw is Tayyabs’ cost. Tayyabs serves affordable, high-quality halal food in London. The accessibility has made it popular among students, families, and budget-conscious foodies.

Tayyabs has earned Londoners’ hearts and national acclaim. Food and tourism periodicals and renowned chefs have lauded its cuisine. This restaurant’s popularity has made it crowded, so make a reservation to ensure your position in this culinary heaven.

Tayyabs provides dine-in, takeout, and delivery so customers may enjoy its delights at home. This convenience has increased its appeal, notably during the worldwide epidemic.



Hoppers stands out for its sincerity. From the minute you enter, you’re transported to Colombo’s busy streets, where spices and street cuisine sizzle. The restaurant is decorated with Sri Lankan hues and antiquities, making you feel like you’ve traveled to this South Asian paradise for food.

Hoppers’ signature foods are hoppers. Bowl-shaped fermented rice and coconut milk pancakes are a Sri Lankan staple. Hoppers, served with aromatic curries and acidic sambols, are a taste of Sri Lankan street cuisine. These pancakes’ crunchy rims and soft, doughy interior complement the surrounding dishes’ robust, rich tastes.

The original egg hopper, with a properly cooked egg within a crispy hopper, is a menu highlight. The yolk seeps out when broken, leaving a delicious sauce on the pancake. It’s a simple yet delicious recipe that balances tastes and textures.

No Hoppers visit is complete without sampling their curries. Chefs’ skill shines through in every dish, from the spicy chicken curry to the fragrant dhal curry. Traditional spices and cooking methods create flavor explosions in every bite.

Hoppers serves excellent grilled meats for meat lovers. Check this Sri Lankan street cuisine favorite lamb kothu roti, juicy and tasty. A substantial, unique dish is made by stir-frying delicate lamb with spices, veggies, and shredded roti.

Hoppers never compromises on Halal food. The restaurant sources high-quality Halal meats and ingredients to give visitors an authentic Sri Lankan meal. Hoppers’ diversity and cultural awareness make it a courteous and friendly place.

One cannot discuss Hoppers without discussing its unique drinks. The eatery serves ginger beer and exotic cocktails with spices and tropical tastes. These drinks complement the food’s robust tastes.

Hoppers has won over foodies and reviewers with its delicious dishes. Its dedication to flavor and service has made it one of London’s top Halal eateries.

Hoppers offers community eating in addition to delicious meals and a cozy ambiance. Hoppers’ community tables and family-style dishes promote Sri Lankan tradition of eating together. Conversations flow as easily as the tastes, making it ideal for social gatherings and special events.

The Great Chase

The Great Chase

The Great Chase prides itself on combining British ingredients with modern culinary methods. Using only the best halal-certified meats and locally produced products shows their focus to quality and authenticity. A variety of meals highlight London’s rich taste palette.

The Great Chase’s modern, friendly atmosphere is notable. The restaurant is excellent for both quiet dinners and festive parties due to its refinement and friendliness. Its contemporary atmosphere and dedicated personnel take customers to a realm of gastronomic bliss upon arriving.

The Great Chase offers halal British and European food as a tailored menu. First, try the Duck Rillettes, a delicious mix of shredded duck confit, sourdough toast, and cranberry compote, or the Truffle and Parmesan Arancini, crispy rice balls with earthy truffle tastes. Among the vegetarian alternatives is the Wild Mushroom and Truffle Risotto, a creamy masterpiece of the cuisine.

Main meals at The Great Chase keep impressing. TGC Signature Lamb Shank, slow-cooked to perfection, is served with an exquisite rosemary jus. The Pan-Fried Seabass with lemon butter sauce and herb salad is a seafood delight. Each meal showcases the chef’s skill and commitment to halal ingredients.

No Great Chase visit is complete without trying their desserts. Chocolate lovers will love the Warm Chocolate Fondant’s molten center, while the Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta offers a delicious contrast. These sweets complete a fantastic supper.

The Great Chase also proudly serves well-crafted cocktails. Drinks for every meal range from classic cocktails to creative mocktails. The professional bartenders are pleased to suggest matches that improve the dining experience.

Making everyone feel welcome is what makes The Great Chase stand out. Halal eating might be limited, but here, customers can enjoy a variety of cuisine for varied tastes. This inclusion includes vegetarian and gluten-free alternatives, so everyone may enjoy their meal.

Another important component of The Great Chase’s concept is acquiring local, sustainable foods. The restaurant delivers great meals and helps the community and ecology by supporting local farmers and decreasing their carbon impact.

The restaurant’s awards speak for themselves. It’s one of London’s greatest halal restaurants, according to critics and diners. Whether you’re from London or visiting, The Great Chase provides refined and comforting halal food.

C&R Café

C&R Café

With its modest appearance amid London’s busy streets, C&R Café may look unassuming. However, once inside, you will be transported to a world of Asian cuisine’s rich tapestry. A warm, friendly atmosphere with traditional Malaysian decor sets the backdrop for a genuine dining experience.

C&R Café’s halal selections for different tastes are a highlight. London is international, making it hard to locate halal eateries with diversity. C&R Café addresses this gap with a delicious halal cuisine.

C&R Café’s cuisine blends Chinese and Malaysian tastes well. Hainanese Chicken Rice is a must-eat at this restaurant. A variety of dipping sauces and tender poached chicken on aromatic rice make this meal a culinary delight. The ginger and pandan-infused rice is great, and the chicken is juicy and flavorful.

Char Kway Teow, a Malaysian stir-fried noodle dish, is another C&R Café favorite. Anyone’s mouth waters at the wok’s smokey scent while this dish is cooked. This delicious recipe combines flat rice noodles, prawns, eggs, and bean sprouts to represent Malaysian street cuisine.

C&R Café serves spicy, punchy cuisine for daring diners. Rendang Beef, a hot slow-cooked curry with tender beef pieces, leaving guests wanting more. Spice lovers should try this recipe since the spices and coconut milk create a symphony of flavors.

Vegetarian Nasi Lemak, a fragrant coconut rice dish with veggies and a spicy sambal sauce, is offered at C&R Café. This meal shows how the restaurant accommodates dietary restrictions without sacrificing taste.

C&R Café’s halal commitment goes beyond the kitchen. The staff is knowledgeable about the restaurant’s halal options and can help guests choose. This kind of care guarantees that every visitor, regardless of diet, enjoys a wonderful meal.

C&R Café has delicious food and a large tea menu to match. From calming jasmine tea to strong Malaysian Teh Tarik, the beverage variety lends authenticity to eating.

The appeal of C&R Café goes beyond its regulars. Over the years, it has won countless honors and been hailed as one of London’s greatest halal restaurants. Foodies around the city love it for its dedication to quality, authenticity, and halal.

Benares Restaurant and Bar

Benares Restaurant and Bar

Benares, named after the ancient Indian city of Varanasi, is a culinary paradise that blends Indian cuisine with modern sensibilities. The restaurant, founded by Michelin-starred Indian chef Atul Kochhar, has always pushed Indian food.

Once entering Benares, you’re impressed by its elegance and sophistication. The restaurant’s decor blends modern and traditional Indian features to create a welcoming and luxurious ambiance. No matter the occasion or culinary journey, it’s the perfect setting for a memorable meal.

Benares really stands out for its Halal eating experience. The restaurant goes all out to guarantee its Halal dishes are high-quality and authentic. Every ingredient is meticulously obtained and every meal is prepared with care, making it a top choice for Halal alternatives without sacrificing taste or quality.

Benares’ magnificent food takes you throughout India’s different regions. From hot southern spices to fragrant northern cuisine, each meal is a delight in taste and presentation. Tandoori Lamb Chops and Crispy Soft-Shell Crab set the stage for the following dishes.

Benares is known for its Tandoori Salmon, grilled fish marinated in a subtle combination of spices served with a mustard and honey sauce that tantalizes your taste buds. Butter Chicken, a creamy dish that combines tradition and creativity, is another must-try.

The Bhindi Masala (okra curry) and Tandoori Portobello Mushroom are among the restaurant’s many vegetarian and vegan choices. These recipes demonstrate Indian cuisine’s diversity and ingenuity, accommodating a variety of diets.

Benares’ broad wine range of international wines and beverages complements its outstanding meal. The restaurant’s sommeliers know how to mix wines with Indian meals, so every sip accentuates the tastes. As creative as the food, the bar serves handmade drinks.

Benares’ skilled and attentive staff is dedicated to making every guest’s meal unforgettable. The crew makes every effort to accommodate dietary restrictions and specific requests, making your visit unforgettable.

Benares goes beyond flavor and culture to create an experience. It blends London’s multicultural culture with India’s diverse culinary heritage. Benares Restaurant and Bar offers a top-notch Halal eating experience for Indian food lovers and newcomers.

Masala Zone

Masala Zone

Masala Zone, with outlets around the city, is a popular spot for halal-compliant Indian food. This restaurant has won over London’s foodies with its charming style and commitment to quality.

Authenticity drives Masala Zone’s attraction. Customers enter a warm, lively ambiance evocative of India’s busy streets. The restaurant’s décor blends classic and modern features, enhancing the dining experience. This cultural mix is a visual feast before the food.

However, Masala Zone’s dedication to serving halal-compliant, delectable cuisine sets it unique. Halal food preparation follows Islamic dietary regulations and ethics. Masala Zone lets observant Muslims and others seeking halal enjoy India’s distinct tastes without compromising their diets.

Masala Zone’s menu showcases Indian cuisine’s variety. Every taste is catered to, from butter chicken and biryani to regional delicacies. Halal-certified ingredients ensure that each dish is flavorful and meets the strictest halal requirements, providing guests piece of mind while enjoying their meal.

Masala Zone’s approach to culinary innovation and traditional recipes is notable. Infusing inventiveness into every dish, the restaurant’s brilliant chefs update classics. The Masala Zone Mixed Grill, which marinates exquisite meats and veggies in a special spice combination then grills them to perfection, shows this culinary skill. It tantalizes taste receptors and keeps customers coming back.

Service is authentically detailed at the restaurant. Masala Zone’s staff knows Indian cuisine well and is happy to propose dishes based on individual tastes. Indian food aficionados and newbies alike like this personalized touch, which makes eating more comfortable.

Masala Zone’s excellence goes beyond food. The restaurant also values sustainability and ethical sourcing. Masala Zone uses locally sourced products and eco-friendly procedures to reduce its environmental impact while maintaining quality and flavour. Customers who love both the food and the restaurant’s ethics appreciate this dedication to ethics.

Lahore Kebab House

Lahore Kebab House

Lahore Kebab House emphasizes authenticity. You’re transported to Lahore’s busy streets the instant you enter. Warm, rustic décor honors its heritage. The warm, friendly atmosphere makes for a great meal.

The kebabs are the highlight of this famous restaurant. These kebabs demonstrate the restaurant’s commitment to classic tastes by using traditional recipes and high-quality Halal ingredients. The exquisitely seasoned lamb and chicken kebabs are melt-in-your-mouth delicious, keeping customers coming back.

No discussion about Lahore Kebab House would be complete without discussing their Seekh Kebab. Skewered and grilled to perfection, these minced beef pieces have a tantalizing smokey scent. Served with fresh naan and flavorful chutneys, this meal is a hit.

The cuisine is full with meaty pleasures. From the fragrant Lamb Chops to the sizzling Mixed Grill, each dish showcases Pakistan’s rich culinary tradition. Lahore Kebab House provides vegetarian alternatives like Paneer Tikka and Daal Makhani so everyone may enjoy Pakistani food.

Quality cuisine and excellent service distinguish Lahore Kebab House. The staff is kind, attentive, and knowledgeable about the food, ready to help guests. The restaurant’s friendliness makes every visit special and familiar, keeping customers coming back.

Traditional communal seating is available at Lahore Kebab House for a genuine Pakistani dining experience. This communal eating approach promotes socialization, making it great for parties and festivities. You may enjoy wonderful cuisine and make memories with friends and family.

In addition to dine-in, Lahore Kebab House offers takeout and delivery so clients may enjoy their favorite dishes at home. This convenience has increased Lahore Kebab House’s appeal because Londoners may enjoy its delicious food anytime, anyplace.

The Lahore Kebab House sources ingredients with quality in mind. They use Halal-certified meats and fresh veggies to ensure top quality and flavor. Customer loyalty is due to the restaurant’s commitment to quality and authenticity.

Rich history contributes to the restaurant’s appeal. Since 1972, Lahore Kebab House has served generations of Londoners, making it a gastronomic institution. The food’s ageless charm explains its popularity.

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