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Top Ideas for Girl’s Room Curtains

Girl’s Room Curtains

Transforming a girl’s room into a dreamy sanctuary involves more than just picking out the right paint colour and furniture. One of the most impactful elements in any bedroom design is the curtains. They can set the mood, complement the theme, and provide that perfect blend of style and function.

Whether you’re aiming for a whimsical fairy-tale look, a chic modern vibe, or a cosy boho feel, the right curtains can tie the entire room together. We’ll take you through top tips and ideas to assist you in nailing the girls’ bedroom drapery project:

Pick Complementary Colors

Curtains should complement the overall colour scheme of the room. Soft pastels are great for a serene atmosphere, while bold, bright colours can make the room feel more energetic and lively. Also, if you want to have a more formal and timeless look, neutral-coloured drapery like beige curtains, or soft grey and warm white drapes can be great options.

As a general rule though, consider the existing furniture and wall colours before selecting your drapery colours to ensure the curtains enhance the room’s aesthetic rather than clash with it.

Incorporate Fun Patterns and Themes

Let the curtains reflect the personality and interests of the girl whose room it is. For younger children, curtains with favourite characters, animals, or whimsical patterns can be delightful. Bringing out the cheerful enchanted imaginary land that your children live in, curtains with such cutesy patterns and prints make the bedroom the favourite place to be for your little girls.

Older girls might prefer more sophisticated patterns like geometric shapes, elegant florals, or chic stripes. 

Consider Length and Style

Floor-length curtains can add a touch of elegance and make the room feel taller and more spacious. If you prefer a more casual look, curtains that just touch the window sill can work well.

Next, consider the heading style of the curtains that can change the entire look and feel of the space. While store-bought drapes give you barely any customisation options,  made-to-measure curtains allow you the flexibility to choose styles that set the right mood and of course, give a tailored fit – a touchstone trait of custom curtains. Opt for styles like ruffled curtains, tie-tops, or curtains with decorative trim to add extra charm and complete the look with finesse.

Choose the Right Fabric

Opt for fabrics that match the room’s vibe. For a light and airy feel, sheer or lightweight linen and cotton curtains work wonders. Sheers are great for boho-style girls’ bedrooms and carry a feminine grace that mirrors the poise of the rooms’ inhabitants.

For optimal control and aesthetic appeal, consider layering sheer curtains with blackout or velvet ones. This combination allows for adjustable lighting and privacy while adding depth and texture to the room’s decor. Layering also provides the opportunity to mix and match patterns and colours, creating a personalised and dynamic look. Whether you aim for a whimsical, sophisticated, or cosy ambience, the right fabric choice can make a significant impact on the room’s overall atmosphere.

Layer with Other Window Treatments

Layering curtains with other window treatments opens up a world of design possibilities, adding depth and functionality to the room. 

For a cosy retreat, layer made-to-measure roman blinds with blackout curtains. Or, cap off the window treatments with overhead treatments like valances or cornices. They work as the perfect finishing touch, framing the window with elegance. Note that tailored board-mounted valances lend a formal air, while gathered valances evoke a more relaxed feel. 

The choice of decorative hardware, from sleek rods to ornate finials, enhances the layered look, adding personality and style to the window treatment ensemble. With layering, you can customise the room’s ambience while achieving a cohesive and sophisticated design that reflects your personal taste.


The drapery can be a make-or-break factor in your decor. Bespoke custom curtains come with an unmatched charm you can never get with off-the-shelf store-bought drapes. And, with the tips listed in this blog, we’re sure you’ll be able to make the right design choices and pick the perfect drapery for your girly feminine bedroom.

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