Best Fish Restaurants London

Best Fish Restaurants London


The Fish House

The Fish House

The Fish House began as a small fish store in the 19th century. As it grew, it became a restaurant that celebrated London’s maritime past. The restaurant’s maritime-themed design transports customers to a time when London’s docks were full of fishmongers and fisherman.

Sustainability and conscientious seafood procurement are hallmarks of The Fish House. Since overfishing and environmental degradation are major problems, The Fish House takes its duty seriously. They collaborate with local fishermen and sustainable fisheries to acquire fresh, ethical seafood. This dedication to sustainability gives the restaurant ethical appeal and assures the highest-quality seafood.

The Fish House’s seafood-focused menu is a feast for the senses. The restaurant serves everything from basic British fish and chips to unusual dishes like pan-seared sea bass with a citrus reduction. Variety lovers will love the seafood plate, which includes oysters, prawns, crab, and mussels picked with care.

Gourmet excellence at The Fish House goes beyond fish cooking. A skilled head chef leads a team that knows both traditional and modern fish preparation. Every dish cooked by this combination of skills is a masterpiece. The Fish House balances historic recipes with current innovation to keep its menu fresh and entertaining.

In addition to its delicious meals, The Fish House is known for its cozy setting. Dim lighting and rustic design make the snug, intimate ambiance ideal for a romantic supper or family gathering. The friendly and experienced staff helps customers navigate the menu, recommends wine pairings, and ensures that every meal is delightful.

In addition to its delicious food and cozy atmosphere, The Fish House has a great wine and spirits collection. Their sommelier selected a list to suit the fish. The restaurant has an excellent wine selection, whether you want white wine with oysters or red with grilled salmon.

For dessert lovers, The Fish House delivers. Their pastry chef creates sweet treats to complement a seafood meal. Everyone’s sweet craving can be satisfied with lemon tarts or chocolate fondants.

Bentley’s Oyster Bar & Grill

Bentley's Oyster Bar & Grill

Bentley’s Oyster Bar & Grill has been a London dining institution for almost a century in Mayfair. The city’s best seafood restaurant, founded in 1916 by Richard Bentley, has endured and thrived. Its longevity comes from its culinary brilliance and ageless traditions.

Bentley’s oyster concentration is distinctive. The restaurant’s Oyster Bar shows this dedication. Oysters are shucked live in front of customers, stimulating all senses. These oceanic gems can be eaten raw or with mignonette sauce or horseradish. Bentley’s has become one of London’s top oyster restaurants by offering oysters at their freshest.

Bentley’s cuisine goes beyond oysters, which are its specialty. It served a variety of seafood dishes reflecting the sea’s wealth. From Dover sole to lobster, every dish is meticulously prepared. Bentley’s chefs make each meal special by combining classic cuisine with creative twists.

Bentley’s Oyster Bar & Grill prioritizes sustainability. Bentley’s strives to serve excellent, ecologically friendly seafood in an age of responsible sourcing. Your seafood is responsibly sourced and harvested since the restaurant works with sustainable suppliers. Bentley’s supports UK oyster bed restoration through oyster restoration initiatives.

Bentley’s Oyster Bar & Grill pays homage to its heritage and elegance with its decor. The Art Deco style and polished brass fittings give the eatery a sophisticated feel. The informal atmosphere makes it ideal for everything from a romantic meal for two to a raucous gathering of friends. Bentley’s environment matches its delicious seafood, whether you sit at the oyster bar or in the formal dining room.

Bentley’s service is superb, as expected of a famous business. The staff is knowledgeable about the menu, ready to recommend, and adept at delivering a great experience. Bentley’s is appealing due to its meticulously arranged tables and kind, knowledgeable staff.

Wright Brothers Soho

Wright Brothers Soho

Wright Brothers Soho’s friendly and inviting atmosphere puts customers at ease in Soho’s busy streets. With its dark wooden furniture and low-hanging lighting, the restaurant’s rustic yet modern design is snug and attractive. The restaurant is great for anything from romantic meals to exuberant gatherings with friends and family due to its casual-upscale vibe.

Naturally, the restaurant is known for its fresh, sustainable fish. The Wright Brothers are known for finding the freshest fish of the day. You can expect a seafood feast whether you like oysters, mussels, or the catch-of-the-day. The cuisine showcases the chefs’ culinary skills and dedication to marine tastes. Wright Brothers Soho serves seafood masterpieces from salty oysters to expertly grilled fish.

Highlights include Wright Brothers Soho’s oyster bar. It has a wide variety of native and rock oysters from various coastal places. Every oyster variety is distinct, therefore oyster lovers will be in heaven. To enhance the oyster tasting experience, they are always fresh and shucked to order. The oyster experts are delighted to advise beginners.

Though the oysters are the star, Wright Brothers Soho’s main meals are also great. Diners can pick their chosen cooking method for the daily catch with its many tempting dishes. The fish is perfectly grilled, fried, or roasted to bring forth its inherent tastes. The restaurant customizes each meal with delicious sauces and accompaniments. Try a wine from their large range with your meal for a delicious harmony.

Wright Brothers Soho has several non-fish selections in addition to its huge seafood menu. The menu has delicious selections for vegetarians and meat eaters, so everyone can eat well. Their cuisine reflects the restaurant’s commitment to tolerance and diversity, making it a top London restaurant.

The cuisine and service at Wright Brothers Soho are excellent. The well-trained, attentive, and courteous staff meets every diner’s demands with a smile. Their menu expertise, from seafood to wine pairings, enhances the eating experience. The staff is always available to help with dietary restrictions, preferences, or menu inquiries, providing a comfortable and welcoming setting.

J Sheekey

J Sheekey

J Sheekey’s cuisine and history are intriguing. Since 1896, this beloved institution has witnessed London change while providing superb fish. The restaurant’s durability in a city with a shifting culinary scene is a tribute to its quality and reputation.

J Sheekey’s attraction is its devotion to premium seafood. As famous as the restaurant, its seafood suppliers are British Isles and international fisherman who bring in the catch of the day. This commitment to quality ingredients is evident in every meal.

J Sheekey’s oyster collection is a standout. These oysters are fresh, briny, and properly shucked, making them a restaurant staple. Each oyster on the menu has its own flavor, from light and sweet Pacific oysters to rich and creamy Colchester rocks. This classic shellfish appetizer pairs well with chilled champagne.

J Sheekey’s seafood buffet has something for everyone, but the oysters are the standout. From simple fish and chips done well to delicate Dover sole meunière cooked with care to bring out the fish’s inherent flavors, the restaurant caters to both casual and connoisseur diners.

J Sheekey’s seafood dish is impressive. The restaurant’s attention to quality ingredients is shown in their seafood feast with lobster, crab, prawns, and langoustines. With a variety of sauces and seasonings, it’s a great seaside meal.

J Sheekey’s courteous and competent personnel enhance the eating experience. Their seafood-focused wine pairings and daily specials reflect their devotion. This attention to service is one reason J Sheekey is one of London’s greatest seafood restaurants.

The restaurant’s quiet, personal atmosphere also keeps it popular. J Sheekey’s dark wood paneling, low lighting, and vintage photos transport diners to a bygone period. The restaurant’s environment makes a romantic supper or a celebration lunch with friends special.

J Sheekey’s environmental efforts demonstrate its current responsibilities. As worries about overfishing and marine conservation have increased, the restaurant has sought ethical seafood sources. This supports conscientious eaters’ changing values and protects the world’s seas and aquatic habitats.

For more personal meals, J Sheekey provides private dining in addition to its famous main dining room. The nautically themed Atlantic Bar is a pleasant venue for pre-dinner cocktails or a quick meal. The Allen Room can host 20 people in a luxurious environment.



Fishworks is known for its commitment to high-quality fish. They work closely with local suppliers and fishermen to guarantee fresh seafood. Daily deliveries to their restaurants change their menu to match the season’s catch. If you like oysters, mussels, or the catch of the day, Fishworks will serve it well.

The menu changes frequently, although several items remain favorites. Seafood lovers will adore the Fishworks Platter. It’s a wonderfully arranged platter of oysters, mussels, prawns, clams, and smoked salmon with dipping sauces. This meal is great for sharing and goes well with white wine or champagne.

Whole Sea Bass is a showpiece for grillers. Perfectly seasoned and grilled, it’s served with a lemon and herb sauce to complement the fish’s inherent characteristics. Sides of fresh veggies and buttery new potatoes make the dish healthy and filling.

Fishworks has great seafood soups and stews. Bouillabaisse, a Provençal fish stew, contains several fish, shellfish, and fragrant herbs. The thick, delicious broth, rouille, and crusty bread make it substantial and comforting, especially on a cold London evening.

In addition to great food, Fishworks restaurants have great atmospheres. The decor is nautical and relaxing, inspired by the seashore. Whitewashed wood, maritime antiquities, and delicate sea-themed artwork create an exquisite, unassuming atmosphere.

The courteous and experienced Fishworks crew enhances the eating experience. They know the fish well and can recommend or answer menu queries. Their passion for seafood makes each visit a fun exploration of fish.

Fishworks is proud of its sustainability. They realize the need to preserve seafood and seas for future generations. Responsible sourcing shows their dedication. Fishworks minimizes their environmental effect by collaborating with ethical and sustainable fishing suppliers.

Fishworks offers takeout and delivery in addition to restaurant dining, making it easy for seafood lovers. Their well-prepared, meticulously wrapped foods are as fresh as those in restaurants. Fishworks can satisfy your seafood desires for a beach picnic or a romantic evening at home.

Fishworks’ London sites provide high-quality fish with the same passion. Fishworks restaurants are everywhere in London, from the city center to the Thames River and the colorful districts.

Bonnie Gull Seafood Shack

Bonnie Gull Seafood Shack

This dedication to sustainability distinguishes Bonnie Gull from other London fish eateries. The restaurant uses local, responsible, and ecologically conscious seafood suppliers to ensure that your meal is excellent and ethical. Bonnie Gull’s attitude is based on sustainability, expressing their respect for the waters and the populations that depend on them.

Bonnie Gull’s cuisine showcases its fresh, seasonal seafood. The restaurant is known for its daily menu, which changes with the morning’s catch and freshest ingredients. This provides a unique gastronomic experience at Bonnie Gull every time. Seafood recipes range from fish and chips to creative combinations that show off its flexibility. Adapting to the catch of the day keeps the meal fresh and lets cooks try new tastes and ingredients.

Each meal at Bonnie Gull is well presented. Fish served at your table is meticulously plated. The chefs’ skill shows through whether you want a fish fillet or a seafood medley. The cuisine is both delicious and beautiful. Every dish reflects the chefs’ talent and passion, making each dinner special.

Another reason Bonnie Gull Seafood Shack is one of London’s greatest fish restaurants is its atmosphere. With its rustic décor and warm ambiance, the interior resembles a coastal hut. Diners are transported to British Isles seaside communities by the restaurant’s nautical motif. Bonnie Gull’s atmosphere enhances your dinner whether you’re alone, with a loved one, or with company.

Bonnie Gull’s success depends on its dedicated and knowledgeable crew. Bonnie Gull’s staff is knowledgeable about seafood and takes care in informing visitors about the day’s catch, wine pairings, and dish histories. They’re passionate about what they do, which makes the restaurant charming. They gladly help guests navigate the menu, propose their favorites, and discuss the fish business and sustainability.

Wine and cocktails at Bonnie Gull Seafood Shack are carefully selected to match seafood meals. Many wines, cocktails, and beers complement marine tastes. The restaurant’s wine collection has something for everyone, making it perfect for wine lovers and wine pairings.

Seafood enthusiasts appreciate Bonnie Gull Seafood Shack, but non-fishies are welcome too. From seafood novices to experts, the broad menu has something for everyone. Bonnie Gull serves both cozy chowder and daring fish platters.

Poppies Fish and Chips

Poppies Fish and Chips

Poppies Fish & Chips in Camden Town captures the spirit of classic British meal. Patrons are transported back in time by its 1940s décor. From the minute you enter, the restaurant strives to be real and immersive. Retro-chic red leather banquettes, checkerboard flooring, and antique posters decorate the walls.

The fish and chips at Poppies are the highlight. They provide sustainably fished cod or haddock with freshly cut, golden, and crispy chips and employ the best ingredients. The fish is covered in a light, finely seasoned batter that adds crispness without overpowering its delicate flavor. Poppies stand out for their traditional cooking methods. The fish is perfectly cooked in beef dripping, a tradition of this meal. This unusual method adds flavor and improves the experience, making it a must-try for fish lovers.

Variety is another Poppies Fish and Chips strength. Their menu goes beyond fish and chips with many delicious selections. Poppies offers fish pies, prawn cocktails, and jellied eels for all tastes, so everyone can find something they like. Every meal showcases original and high-quality ingredients, making dining unforgettable.

Poppies provides vegetarian and gluten-free options so everyone may enjoy fish and chips. Restaurant’s commitment to serving varied dietary preferences shows its inclusiveness.

Our authenticity extends beyond cuisine to atmosphere. Poppies Fish and Chips evokes 1940s London. Everything from the classic jukebox playing old tunes to the waitstaff wearing vintage uniforms adds to the restaurant’s nostalgia. Not simply a dinner, but an unforgettable experience.

One cannot describe Poppies Fish & Chips without highlighting their sustainability approach. The restaurant uses sustainable seafood and reduces waste. This dedication to sustainability matches the evolving culinary scene and restaurant sector’s desire for eco-friendly operations.

Poppies Fish and Chips’ community involvement is another highlight. It features British culture events including live music and charity fundraising. Poppies bring people together over their love of this iconic meal, making it a communal hub.

Poppies Fish & Chips is one of London’s greatest fish restaurants due to its high quality. It has been featured in many magazines and TV shows, reinforcing its status as a fish and chips hotspot.

The Sea, The Sea

The Sea, The Sea

The Sea, The Sea’s commitment to acquiring the best, freshest, and most sustainable seafood sets it distinct. The restaurant values the ocean’s richness and its partnerships with local fishermen and suppliers. This dedication to sustainability assures dish quality and ocean and marine life health.

The restaurant’s exquisite, maritime-inspired decor evokes the water. Soft marine colors, delicate nautical furniture, and huge windows let natural light in, creating a relaxing atmosphere. The Sea, The Sea makes customers feel like they’re dining at the ocean.

This restaurant shines with its broad and well-prepared food. London’s best chefs cook at The Sea, The Sea, and their skills show in every dish. From fish and chips to seafood masterpieces, the menu has something for everyone.

Grilled Lobster with garlic butter and samphire is a restaurant favorite. Lobster flesh is succulent and melts in your mouth when cooked perfectly. Garlic butter adds richness, while samphire adds salt. High-quality fish is well presented in this meal.

Seared Scallops with cauliflower puree and truffle oil are also recommended. Scallops cooked to golden perfection with a delicate, sweet taste and a subtle caramelization. The creamy cauliflower puree and truffle oil make this meal incredibly decadent.

The Sea makes gourmet fish and chips for fish and chip lovers. A big piece of fresh fish is encased in light, crispy batter. Serving it with hand-cut chips, mushy peas, and house-made tartar sauce makes it nostalgic and sophisticated.

The Sea has a great oyster and caviar variety in addition to its a la carte menu. Their oyster bar offers oysters from different areas with distinct flavors. For luxury palates, the caviar menu offers superb alternatives.

The Sea, The Sea has a great wine and drink selection to go with its delicious food. The restaurant’s sommelier selects wines that complement fish. The mixologists have created refreshing and creative cocktails to complement the meal.

The Sea is a place to eat great seafood and learn about it. Special events and workshops introduce customers to seafood cuisine. These activities are immersive and instructional, from oyster-sucking lessons to wine pairings with seafood.

Fish! Borough Market

Fish! Borough Market

The colorful atmosphere of Fish! Borough Market is the first thing you notice. The restaurant’s medieval market atmosphere is charming. It is perfect for romantic meals and casual gatherings with friends because guests may dine indoors or outdoors. The market’s rustic appeal, food stalls, handmade items, and view of the Shard make it one of London’s best seafood eateries.

However, its dedication to procuring the freshest fish sets Fish! distinct. Every dish shows the restaurant’s commitment to sustainability and sourcing. Based on the catch, the menu varies daily, and fish and shellfish are from ethical and sustainable suppliers. Responsible sourcing provides high-quality seafood and protects marine habitats.

The Fish! Borough Market menu is a seafood lover’s fantasy. Every taste may be satisfied with fish and chips or more refined seafood meals. Those who like oysters’ subtle brininess might try freshly shucked oysters with shallot vinegar. Fish and chips are a British classic, with crispy batter and delicate fish that flakes at the fork. Fish! has taken this dish to the next level.

The seafood platter shows the restaurant’s commitment to excellence if you’re feeling upscale. A platter may include smoked salmon, mussels, prawns, crab, and more. The platter is elegant and appropriate for sharing, making it ideal for a special event or a leisurely meal with friends. For a memorable meal, pair it with a crisp white wine from their well-curated collection.

Providing a diversified cuisine goes beyond shellfish. Fish! Borough Market has foods beyond seafood for those who desire them. Vegetarian and meat options ensure that everyone in your gathering will be satisfied. The kitchen can accommodate special diets, making it an inclusive restaurant.

Fish! Borough Market personnel are known for their friendliness and expertise. They love their food and are happy to advise and answer inquiries. Their wine-matching knowledge and food guidance make your meal delightful and educational.

Fish! Borough Market is a social center and food attraction. The bar is known for drinks and small dishes, while the restaurant organizes seafood seminars. Fish! is a dynamic and friendly location perfect for celebrating an event or unwinding after a day at Borough Market.

Fishers Restaurant

Fishers Restaurant

Fishers Restaurant in the city center offers a unique eating experience. Its nautical charm and modern elegance mix well. The coastal cottage-style design brings the seashore to the busy metropolis. Whitewashed walls, marine relics, and maritime art create a comfortable ambiance. The restaurant is decorated like a beach village inn, giving customers a pleasant and inviting atmosphere.

The cuisine at Fishers Restaurant showcases its commitment to London’s best seafood. Fresh, responsibly caught fish and shellfish are the restaurant’s specialty. The sea scent meets you at the entryway, creating the mood for a great supper. The menu includes fish & chips and more complex seafood dishes. Fishers Restaurant has something for everyone, from clam soup to seafood risotto to lobster tail.

Fishers Restaurant is known for its sustainability. The restaurant collaborates with ethical and ecologically friendly local fishermen and suppliers. Fishers makes tasty, eco-friendly food by supporting sustainable fishing and sourcing. Diners love knowing their dinner helps preserve the seas by supporting sustainability.

Fishers Restaurant also presents seafood well. Each meal is a masterpiece, masterfully prepared and plated. The culinary staff’s attention to detail is visible in every dish, from the flawlessly cooked scallops to the colorful, crisp veggies. This dedication to culinary expertise makes every meal at Fishers Restaurant a gourmet journey.

Fishers Restaurant has a large wine list carefully chosen to suit its seafood-focused meal. The sommelier is always available to help you choose a wine that complements your meal. The restaurant’s effort to presenting the greatest wine pairings shows its dedication to a comprehensive dining experience.

Fishers Restaurant is known for its service. The courteous, professional waitstaff is happy to accommodate dietary needs and sensitivities. They know the food well and may provide personalized recommendations. This top-notch service shows the restaurant’s attention to make guests’ visits unforgettable.

Fishers Restaurant provides chef’s tables for a totally immersive seafood experience. Diners may request this private space to see the cooking. It’s a chance to meet the chef, learn about the ingredients, and enjoy a tailored meal.

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